Implementation and Support

Artificial Intelligence and Big Data Analytics

Implementation Services

Data Management and Governance

Implementation of a data warehouse and whole solution consisting of a data lake, a data warehouse, ETL processes, with online analytical processing cubes

Data Warehouse and Business Intelligence

Design dashboard and reports that covers critical data points and support entereneurs in making informed decisions

Big Data Analytics and AI

Define, value and prioritize Big Data Analytics case for your requirement. Get useful AI insights based on your needs

Private Messenger

An efficient and fully secure private messaging service that is wholly licensed and operated by the customer on premise, and with full autonomy for its policy and procedures.

Support Services

Technical Support

An automated and policy-based approach to data management, to get more analytic insight from your data, and to meet the demands of your business


Datamicron's customer service and technical support provides you the support infrastructure to leverage on Big Data Analytics, Business Intelligence (BI), Internet Of Things investments and boost your competitive edge. We offer a variety of services to response to your diverse needs and requirements, and treat every query as priority. Our support team strives to provide you the answers to your needs quickly and thoroughly.