Forces at Work

An efficient and fully secure private messaging service that is wholly licensed and operated by the customer on premise, and with full autonomy for its policy and procedures.

Why Falcon?

Falcon enables users to engage across multiple platforms that support mobile application and web-based clients. Users are able to share any multimedia content including but not limited to messages, photos, videos and get customized reports inside a secure and private environment. Collaborative messages, and multimedia contents from field personnel may be collected and stored as ‘Field Reports’

It is ideal for ‘Command Centers’ with video streaming capabilities, location analytics, and integration to Eagle Eye for NLP (Natural Language Processing) purposes.


Integration to EagleEye

Messages can be processed into knowledge graphs with EagleEye

Smart Reports

Compile and generate reports seamlessly, share reports across multiple contacts.

Command Control Centre

Command and Control of users with location intelligence


Facilitate every verified user with auto-generated unique ID. Prevent potential data leak.

Live Streaming

Allow streaming live events, interact with another user in real time.

Audit Trail

All past conversations, calls and reports are recorded and able to be tracked and traced anytime.


Ensure secured messages and calls with latest encryption technologies


Only authorized personnel can access and register to Falcon.

On Premise

Retain and full control of all data on your premise.

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