Insta BI

Modern BI Platform

Insta BI innovations combine the best of both worlds (traditional and self-service), and provide a full stack of 'Data Analytics' components

A Powerful Business Intelligence Platform

Insta BI comprises of a ‘Full Stack Business Intelligence’ solution with technologies patented in the United States and China. Without any programming, designers/users are able to develop ‘BI Apps’ that is comprehensive, interactive and visually appealing to busines users. This results in high adoption among users for data analytics, data visualization, associative analysis, infographics and collaborations. The innovative Insta BI suite is enterprise level yet provides 'self-service' capabilities as well


Powerful Graphical UI

Powerful customizable UI without programming - high user adoption

Advance Data Discovery

Advance visual analytics platform with markers, trellis chart and others

Self Service Data Analysis

Powerful self service 'ad hoc' reporting and analysis

Interactive Drill-Downs

Ability to 'drill anywhere' from one dimension to another

Powerful Scripting Engine

Powerful scripting platform with pre-build library of scripts

Advance Table Calculations

Table calculation on aggregated results. Minimize changes to data model

Advance Visualizations

Library of more than 30 types of advance visualizations

Monitoring KPI's

Easy set-up of KPI's versus targets

Location Intelligence

Support for many mapping providers like Google, Bing, ESRI, Map Info

International Patent

USA Patent

(number : US 9,336,267 B2)

CHINA Patent

(number : ZL2007800520057)

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