Professional Consulting Services

Advanced Analytics and
Business Analytics

Advance Analytics

Data / Text Mining

An automated and policy-based approach to data management, to get more analytic insight from your data, and to meet the demands of your business.

Data Governance

Ensure the storage of information assets are standardized, integrated, and secured.

Pattern Matching

A component of ML that studies the patterns in current and historical data which allows it to detect the patterns in the future.


Generate predictions of future values or events through the thorough analysis and mining of data.


Generate insight from datasets and present it in concise and meaningful graphical representations.

Machine Learning

Learn from current and historical data iteratively and extract useful information without being explicitly programmed to do so.

Sentiment Analysis

Sentiment analysis can be a powerful tool to identify the current sentiments as well as predicting the future sentiments towards a product or an event.

AI Insight Engines

An intelligent solution that makes it possible for information to be found in a way that resource-efficient from structured and unstructured data

Business Analytics

Analytics Discovery and Use Case Development

Connect to relevant enterprises to discover required functions and external data sources in order to produce more efficient ways for decision-makers to comprehend and venture on data.

Analytics readiness and roadmap definition

Identify organization’s current capabilities and include a comprehensive audit of business processes to build actionable plans for the organization's better future.

Operational Technology Roadmap

Cater to any groups of organizations, providing better informed decisions and supplying tools to foster immanent innovation.